• Haiyang Machinery CO.,LTD is located at No.6, Taiwan road, Economic Development Zone,Rushan City, Shandong province,The main business includes forging, machining, stamping and sheet metal fine blanking.

    Equipped with many advanced machines from home and abroad, the company cooperated with Chinese advanced equipment manufacturer in 2012 and bought totally 33 sets of CNC machines for precision machining. Also the company repurchased large, middle and small forging machines of 16000T, 12500T and 2500T, suitable for various products. Six new stamping equipment were added in 2016, totaling 20.The pressing devices are divided into hydraulic press and aerostatic press to ensure the quality for both mass production and flexible production. The special test equipment is used for better control of size and accuracy.The company has the yearly capacity of crankshaft blank/500,000pcs, connecting rod/1.8million pcs and pressing part/20million pcs/set.
    Company to ensure product quality, timely delivery, for many years to get the customer's unanimous endorsement. At present, the company for a number of listed car plant and engine plant to do the supporting products.

    Rushan Haiyang Machine Co.,Ltd
    Add:NO.6,Tai Wan Road,Ecnomic Development Zone,RuShan City,Shan Dong Province
    Zip code:264500
    Copyright(C)2009-2015 Rushan Haiyang Machine Co.,Ltd

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